Project Management, Research, Wordpress Development
About This Project

Vyzit Health was a ‘skype for healthcare’ platform developed to allow video consultations between clinicians and their patients. Features included Private Video Visits, Secure Messaging, Note Taking, File Sharing, Appointment Booking and Electronic Health Record tools.

Following use cases of GP’s using Skype to communicate with patients, Vyzit was built with the aim of reducing appointment times, paper usage, improving patient satisfaction, enhancing the transparency of medical information and being able to monitor device measurements and patient vitals without the patient or the care provider being present at the same location.

A minimal viable product was developed and the Vyzit Health MVP was used in a number of private clinics in the UK. Hospitals & charities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East liked the idea of an open-source healthcare platform that facilitated visual communication and used it in their clinics. The Department of Health commended the Vyzit Health platform via an open letter in March 2015.

On this project, my roles were:

  • Building relationships with senior stakeholders within the NHS, Academic Health Science Networks, private health providers and international organisations to drive Vyzit’s adoption.
  • Developing the Vyzit website, used to inform potential clients about the platform, pricing plans and to offer technical support.
  • Writing a report on ‘The Value of Telemedicine‘, which was published on Digital Health Age, the leading news outlet for the digital health sector.
  • Creating revenue & cost projections for the wide scale commercialization of Vyzit.